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Australian Wool
Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) is a not-for-profit company owned by more than 29,000 Australian woolgrowers. AWI invests in research, development, innovation and marketing along the global supply chain for Australian wool. Sheep Connect Tasmania is funded by AWI.
AuctionsPlus is a service provider to the rural community offering real-time internet auctions.  It allows commodity transaction, reserve price setting and legal change of ownership without the seller, buyer or product having to come together physically at the time of the sale.

Australian Merino Superior
Find top-performing sires from independent sire evaluation trials operating around Australia. Merino Superior Sires assesses sire breeding performance on traits important to breeders in Australian conditions.
EverGraze is developing and testing new farming systems in different environments across the high rainfall zone of southern Australia. The target is to increase profits of sheep and cattle enterprises by up to 50% and at the same time improve water management, use of perennials, biodiversity and soil health.

Six research teams at Proof Sites in three States are testing these new farming systems, measuring soil, water, pasture and livestock inputs and outputs, enabling accurate modelling of the impact catchment outcomes and farm profits. Three sites focus on sown exotic perennial species and three sites are working with existing native perennial pastures.

A network of Supporting Sites is associated with each Proof Site allowing groups of producers to try new grazing practices and perennial systems. EverGraze is a Future Farm Industries CRC, Meat & Livestock Australia and Australian Wool Innovation research and delivery partnership.

FlyBoss provides you with the latest information about flystrike management and treatment, breeding and selection to reduce the risk of flystrike, and decision support tools to assist in planning flystrike prevention.

Future Farm Industries
Future Farm Industries Cooperative Research Centre Ltd  is an incorporated joint venture playing a crucial role in developing new and innovative farming systems and technologies to improve the resilience of Australian broadacre agriculture to climate change, salinity, climate variability and drought while improving productivity and sustainability.

The use of perennial plants is the primary research focus research of the CRC due to their ability to cope with declining and variable rainfall. Deep roots allow perennial plants to capture and effectively use water at depth when there is little rainfall and remove excess water, which could otherwise contribute to salinity by recharging groundwater during wetter periods.
LiceBoss has information about lice, treatment, eradication, and quarantine issues as well as a decision support system which can help woolgrowers control lice more effectively, minimise pesticide residues and reduce the cost of lice control.

Livestock Biosecurity
The Livestock Biosecurity Network is an independent industry initiative funded by the Cattle Council of Australia, Sheepmeat Council of Australia and Wool Producers Australia. It is a three year pilot project, designed to promote greater awareness of biosecurity risk and to improve on-farm preparedness for exotic/endemic disease outbreaks.

Meat and Livestock
Meat and livestock Australia (MLA) is a producer-owned company, working in partnership with industry and government to achieve a profitable and sustainable red meat and livestock (cattle, sheep and goats) industry in Australia.

Proactive Agricultural Safety and Support (P.A.S.S)
P.A.S.S. Inc is a not-for-profit organisation that is passionate about safety in the rural workplace. P.A.S.S provides safety awareness and step-by-step continuous improvement in on-farm safety through: on-farm workshops, seminars and forums, dinner meetings with guest speakers, newsletters, resources and information, and a conduit for farmers to share their experiences.

The Sheep CRC (CRC for Sheep Industry Innovation) is a partnership of Australia’s leading sheep industry organisations and is supported under the Australian Government’s Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) Program. The aim of the CRC Program is to turn Australia’s innovations into successful new products, services and technologies, and make the Australian sheep industry more efficient, productive and competitive.

Sheep Genetics
Sheep Genetics is the national genetic information and evaluation service for the meat and wool sectors of the sheep industry delivered as LAMBPLAN and MERINOSELECT. The purpose of Sheep Genetics is to improve the quality, scope and utilisation of across-flock, and where appropriate, across-breed genetic information for the Australian sheep industry.

FarmPoint is an online resource developed by the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment that provides information to assist Tasmanian farmers manage and develop their businesses, use information for property management planning, and access Government information.

Tasmanian Regions is a quarterly magazine, focusing on rural and regional issues, published by the Department. It includes features about farmers and farming, rural and regional projects and innovations in agriculture, as well as heritage and natural resource management stories involving DPIPWE.
WormBoss is a tool that has been developed by Australian Wool Innovation Limited (AWI) and the Australian Sheep Industry CRC (Sheep CRC) in order to help producers to maximise the timing and effectiveness of drenching and other worm management practices.

Latest market information (beef and sheepmeat)

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