The program

Sheep Connect Tasmania is Australia Wool Innovation’s (AWI’s) key investment in extension for the Tasmanian sheep and wool industries.

The program’s objectives are:

  1. “…continue to be recognised by producers and service providers as the key conduit for valuable, relevant and timely farming systems information to sustain vibrant, resilient and profitable sheep enterprises”
  2. “…through the Producer Advisory Panel… …proactively identify local producer and industry priorities and provide opportunities to manage arising challenges”
  3. “…support producers in acquiring the skills to manage systems diversity; integration of sheep into an evolving farming system
  4. “…actively participate in developing a pathway into long-term, vibrant and sustainable careers in wool and sheepmeat enterprises

The people

James Tyson BAgrSc MBA
E: sheepconnect_tas@wool.com
James has more than 15 years’ experience servicing the needs of the agriculture and agribusiness sectors, and manages Australian Wool Innovation’s Sheep Connect Tasmania extension and communication project; creating sustainability through improved productivity and profitability.

Prior to this, he worked with Australia’s leading agribusiness banks, Rabobank Australia and NAB Agribusiness; providing fully-integrated financial services solutions to a highly-diversified portfolio of agribusiness clients throughout Australia.

James comes from a prime lamb and cropping property at Sassafras and has a Bachelor of Agricultural Science from the University of Tasmania. He has also completed a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Curtin Graduate School of Business in Perth, Western Australia.

The feedback

Feedback on the Sheep Connect Tasmania program:

“…provides a key comprehensive channel of updated information to the Tasmanian sheep and wool industry which would be lacking if the network was not in place…” – J.C.

“…the foremost source of relevant and timely information for Tasmanian sheep producers and industry participants…” – M.D.

“…the project has set a benchmark in Tasmania; it provides good, reliable information…” – S.P.

The Producer Advisory Panel

Sheep Connect Tasmania utilises a Producer Advisory Panel to proactively identify local producer and industry priorities and provide opportunities to manage arising challenges.

Current members

– James Tyson, Project Manager, Sheep Connect Tasmania
– Henry Ridge, Project Manager, Woolgrower Services, AWI
– Julian von Bibra, Beaufront, Ross (Chairman)
– Chris Headlam, Lowes Park, Woodbury
– Chris Badcock, Fairbank, Hagley
– Emma Boon, Mount Vernon, Kempton
– George Gatenby, Bicton, Campbell Town
– Knox Heggaton, Heggaton Agribusiness, Perth
– Will Downie, Hazelwood Farm, Copping

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