Sheep Connect Tasmania

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Sheep Connect Tasmania is Australia Wool Innovation (AWI)‘s key investment in extension and communication for the Tasmanian sheep and wool industries. The program’s mission is to deliver value and facilitate ongoing change towards more profitable and sustainable sheep and wool businesses.

The program has achieved strong participation at field days and workshops, with more than 2,400 attendees at events during 2012–2019, and more than 90% of attendees making changes to their enterprise as a result of knowledge and/or skills gained. Click here for more information about the program.


Under Handy guides, you’ll find our NEW footrot ute guide, as well as guides on managing breech flystrike, planning for a non-mulesed enterprise, best-practice lamb marking procedures, anaesthetics and analgesics, returning to the family farm, drench decisions, sheep husbandry practices, sheep handlers, sheep yards and sheds, ‘fit to load’ guidelines, succession planning, and more. We also have Disease factsheets on arthritis, bladder worm, cheesy gland, hydatids, liver fluke, sarcosystis, sheep measles, and toxoplasmosis.

Under the Resources menu you’ll find useful websites, AWI’s Wool Market Weekly Report and Beyond the bale publications, cost of production calculators, detailed information about Ovine Johne’s disease (OJD), and downloadable Making More from Sheep modules.

James Tyson BAgrSc MBA
Project Manager, Sheep Connect Tasmania

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